Plug and socket for DIY-Arduino Case (Male/Female connectors)

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Hello there!

I want to design a case for a Arduino Nano which has multiple sockets for plugs built in. So the sockets are wired internally in the case and i than can just plug my plugs into them. This is because i have a relatively complex wiring on a project i just want to simpliyfy (well... sort of).
So my question is, what are the best sockets and plugs (i just need 4-pin, fortunatly) for building into a case?
They don't need to be water resistant.
Either glueing or screwing them onto the case is fine.

Thanks :)

maby this site can help: http://frontx.com/
there is connector and wires.

Chinese manufactured Arduino Nano breakout boards are good for this. You just need Dupont connectors to hook everything up.

E.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NANO-I-O-IO-Expansion-Sensor-Shield-Module-For-Arduino-UNO-R3-Nano-V3-0-3/32836480479.html

Hu! I should have thought to look for something like that. I have a nano that i never use because its faff to work out work out which pin is which.
Too ebay! :)

I guess you already considered normal pin headers/sockets. There are Dupont and Molex plugs and sockets that match those. IDC connectors/ribbon cable is another option. 4-pole audio plugs and jacks is yet another way to go. Or RJ-11/45 connectors that are used for telephony and network.

Is that what you meant?

There won't be "the right socket/plug"... In the end it always depends on what the connection is used for!

Therefore, for a good consultation you would first have to know what exactly goes over the single line (voltages, currents, cable lengths to the consumers and sensors)...

Greetings SG

Simple JST connectors?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JST_connector

I use PH series for most of my projects. My crimp tool costs €20. Not for industrial use but its ok for me