Create servo movements live with a web controller to Arduino

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We released a movement (supports simultaneous movements for multiple servos) live recording and export support for Arduino and compatible controller boards.

We have created a web interface that allows to record multiple servo movements and upload the movement to an Arduino board.

Video shows how to record a robotic movement live and how to export it to an Arduino device.

If you are planning complex sequences for multiple servos for example quadruped movement, this is very useful. Or if you are planning and testing your device from ground up. The service is currently in beta and will continue to grow with more features.

After viewing your video these seems to be very useful. I'll give it a try as soon as I have a need for it. Programming all steps by 'hand' would be a pain. Thanks for sharing this information :-)

Great to be of any help. And if you have any questions I'm here to help.