arduino lcd+stone hmi+max30100+display heart rate

arduino display hmi lcd screen stone tft touch

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arduino lcd+stone hmi+max30100+display heart rate

Some time ago, I found a heart rate sensor module MAX30100. This module can collect blood oxygen and heart rate data of users, which is also simple and convenient to use.
According to the data, I found that there are libraries of MAX30100 in the Arduino library files. That is to say, if I use the communication between Arduino and MAX30100, I can directly call the Arduino library files without having to rewrite the driver files. This is a good thing, so I bought the module of MAX30100.
I decided to use Arduino to verify the heart rate and blood oxygen collection function of MAX30100. With STONE TFT LCD screen for monitoring blood pressure.

Wow! I didn't realize a sensor like that would be that cheap. Definitely putting that on my "to make" list, though I'll probably use a smaller display; perhaps a 2.5" OLED display.

Thank you for enjoying my project. These sensors are very cheap here.