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X-Axis issue when trying to level bed

by DirtyHerby

Hello! Some what newly minted Sidewinder user here. I have had my X1 for about 5 months now and the printer has had some issues that I was able to fix myself with help from the internet - thank you to everyone who posts videos or forum responses. I have a new issue that I can't seem to figure out.

Turned on my printer after cleaning a clogged hot section and went to level the bed and the X-axis will not move itself to the proper areas for the #2 and #3 positions. Also, the control panel no longer displays the #5 bed leveling position. I have included pictures to show where the printer head does move to as well as what the control panel is showing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. Is there a way to reset the firmware to factory default settings?

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Excessive temperature on extruder stepper motor

by garra8

Hello! I have the genius but actually in this matter they are the same. I have the problem that my extruder stepper motor reachs more than 60 degrees and the heat is going to the extruder body, so It is softening the PLA filament and at the end, it gets crushed and can't go into the heatbreak teflon tube.

things that I made:
removed the plastic cover
set the voltage to 0.8v
changed the stepper driver.
changed the idler for the metal one.
test several firmwares.

nothing seems to work better than print with a Fan movin some fresh air to my printer, I was wondering if someone else have the same problem and if some of you managed to fix that?

pd: I have my printer into an Ikea platsa, so I have to open the door and put a fan in order to print, but I would like to use the platsa with the door closed as I was using it before (before the hard summer)

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by Unklemunkle

Meltdown of Extruder. Swapped a MicroSwiss plated heat brake and E3D hardened steel nozzle along with a bunch of cover that I printed. Did PID tune, motor stepping calibration, and set linear advance. Was printing flawlessly till I arrived home after running errands and found apartment filled with smoke and flames coming from what used to be the Extruder assembly. No idea how or why this happened. Print had finished but apparently the firmware Did Not shut off the heating elements . Will tear it down to find out more. This machine is three weeks old

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EVNOVO Profile + SW used to create the Artillery cube GCode

by raybies


I'm a new owner.
Does anyone know how Evnovo created the GCode for the cube that comes on the USB stick?
It's about the only object I can get to reliably print every time.

Btw; my bed is undulated with peaks in corners and 12 and 6 o'clock positions and a couple more and troughs in the center.


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Bad print quality

by Superguy728

Well Ive tried it all, different filaments, different slicer profiles, tightening belts, etc but now im officially at a loss. I printed the pictures linked at .2 60mm/s print speed, 100mm/s move speed(lowered in attempt to fix problem.. it did not). So any advice on where to proceed from this point forward is appreciated, thank you.

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