3D printing research

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Dear Members,

If you are an occupational therapist or a student of occupational therapy, we kindly request for you to participate in an online survey about 3D printing for occupational therapy (experience with 3D printing is not required!).

As 3D printing is still relatively new in occupational therapy, we want to understand the opinions of occupational therapists about the potential use of 3D printing for making assistive technologies for their clients. This survey is part of a larger research project in which Tilburg University (in the Netherlands) collaborates with Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and several rehabilitation centers. The goal of this project is to develop and research a new service to design and make 3D-printed assistive technologies for everyday activities.

Filling in the survey takes about 20-25 minutes and participation is fully anonymous. If needed, we can provide official proof of your participation in this scientific study. If you want to read more information about this study, or if you would like to participate, please click the following link (according to your language preference):

English survey:

German survey:

Dutch survey: