Digital Camera Adaptive System for Handicapped People

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This equipment group can be printed and mounted to a stand so that someone in a wheelchair with very limited mobility of their hands can still use a digital camera with control over pan, tilt, zoom, and shutter. Most digital cameras have tiny buttons and controls requiring fine motor skills and are not usable by people with hand disabilities (arthritis, cerebral palsy, etc). I created this device as part of a project for a class I was in. My mother in law, who has severe rheumatoid arthritis and has very limited fine motor skills of her hands, tested this adaptive equipment and found she could easily use it to take photos with a Sony digital camera. The controls could be tweaked to work with other types of digital cameras as well. The setup was powered by Arduino Uno. Three microservos (zoom, shutter, pan) and a standard servo (tilt) and seven microswitches were used to bring it all together for electronics hardware. I created a wooden mount box that would fit on a wheelchair tray.

Digital Camera Adaptive System for Handicapped People

You can and read some specifications that would fit you needs.