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Always up-to-date Marlin firmware for the Aurora A3

by mgilardi

Hi all,

I've decided to (minimally) maintain an Aurora A3 branch of the Marlin 1.1.x firmware. I will keep it as current as possible with 1.1.x releases.

Link to the repository: https://github.com/GilardiLabs/Marlin/tree/JGAurora-A3

Disclaimer: The link to the repository may change over time - be sure to take note. MAKE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT FIRMWARE PRIOR TO UPLOADING -- I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ISSUES/ERRORS, though I am here to help. :)

The settings in Configuration.h should work out-of-the-box, but here are some variables I recommend customizing for your preferences:

  • CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME (self explanatory)
  • DEFAULT_Kp, DEFAULT_Ki, DEFAULT_Kd (custom PID tune)
  • MESH_BED_LEVELING (currently on, but you may prefer to manually level, or have auto leveling)
  • ULTRA_LCD (vs DOGLCD, depending on your LCD setup - it doesn't hurt, but this is actually irrelevant in most cases, as long as you select an LCD type, such as RepRap Discount Controller, etc)
Aurora Aurora_A3 JG_Aurora_A3 Marlin marlin_firmware
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WELCOME! - Posting and General Info

by DaHai8

This Forum is designated for the users of Jg Aurora's A3 3D Printer. Here we can share info, insights, creations, questions, answers, etc. across the community of A3 owners around the world.

As a Thingiverse service, using this Forum also binds you to the same Terms of Use Agreement you entered into when you created an account on Thingiverse - specifically Sections 3.3 (a) & (b), i.e.: Please be Civil, so that Section 3.4 need not be applied.

If you are in need of replacement parts for you A3 printer, Jg Aurora's web store can be found for the following service areas:
Within China:
Jg Aurora Web site
JD.com store
Taobao store

Outside of China:
Jg Aurora AliExpress store

We are also blessed with a representative from Jg Aurora who is a member of this Forum. If you have any company/warranty/service related questions, please feel free to contact her:

Lastly, posts are often automatically Flagged for Moderation. This appears to be caused when they contain too much HTML, are edited too often, or are very long. To help prevent automatic Flagging: compose & edit your posts off-line to prevent multiple on-line edits; cut them into multiple posts if they are many dozens of lines long; and use this handy Markdown Cheatsheet to embed highlights, links, images, youtube videos, etc., without the use of HMTL

This is a Green document, so more information will be added over time, so check back periodically.


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Z-motors won't stay in sync

by LankyMaker

Hi all,
I just finished building my A3, and unfortunately the Z-axis motors don't stay in sync. It homed the Z-axis fine, although loudly, but now I notice that if I try to move the Z-axis around using the Prepare>Move Axis menu the left screw (the side with the X-axis motor) won't start moving until the right side of the X- carriage gets significantly ahead of it. I'd say the X-axis bars can go about plus/minus 5 degrees from level, depending which way Z is trying to go.
Sometimes it won't move at all, and the right Z-motor will grind/cog as it isn't able to twist the X-axis any further. The left Z-motor is silent, and I would think it's not connected except it will start turning if I help by pushing up on the X-carriage.
Note I was very careful about properly setting the length of the X-carriage. Initially I hammered the rods in too far (the instructions said to leave a cm, but that wasn't enough), so I built a puller with a big C-clamp and some bolts to carefully push the rods back out.
Has anyone run into this? I'm thinking it's a bad motor... should I just contract JG Aurora for a replacement, or try swapping motors & cables around first? Any chance my Z-rods or screws just need some oil or grease, and if so, any recommendations about what kind?

Aurora_A3 jgaurora
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Inventor 2019 and cura 3.4

by joetech74

Just updated both and settings are all off.
I just updated my Inventor from 2016 to 2019 and Cura from 3.2.1 to 3.4.1. I do all my design work in Inventor and use Cura as the slicer. I export the .stl files from Inventor and bring them into Cura and save to a SD card and print on my A3
Now that I have updated the Inventor everything is a 1/10 the size whether I use inch or mm. It doesn't matter if I use Cura 3.2 or 3.4 or Ideamaker.
I had a similar problem when I first started a few years ago and there was a very simple fix in Inventor but I have no idea what is was. That was 2 years ago and it was just a checking or unchecking of a box or radio button.
When I've updated Cura before, it brought in the machine settings from the previous version. Not this time. I could go and measure everything again but if someone has those handy I would appreciate the help.

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X-Axis Problem

by Stopsign

I'm fairly new to 3d printing, and have a stock JG Aurora A3. All the sudden the X Axis doesn't want to move. It just sits there, and sounds like something is grinding. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on? I tried to upload a video showing what it's doing, but it won't attach for some reason.

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