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Upgrading to silent stepper drivers

by NovelArteefact

Hi, has anyone considered upgrading to Trinamic drivers such as the TMC2100 or TMC2130 ?

The thing is the drivers are not removable so I'm thinking of getting a new RAMPS board.

Please let me know !


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Can't get Octoprint to connect with the JG AURORA Z603S

by indyToronto

I returned the first one and got a replacement unit, same thing. I switched between 4 different raspberry Pi units. Same thing. Octoprint sees the USB port, but it can't negotiate a connection speed -- cycles through all of them and then fails.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

JGAURORA JGAURORA_Z-603S Octoprint USB_connection
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Z603S replacement nozzle, heatblock etc

by indyToronto

Does anyone know which replacement nozzles and heatblocks are compatible with the jg aurora Z603S?

jg aurora JG_Aurora_Z603S Z603S
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Upgrading my z603S

by Waggster

Well hello all :-) I have a z603s and want to bring it upto 2018 spec :-) because the design is a couple of years old it's missing things like removable bed / filament sensor etc,, enclosure so I thought I would have a go at improving it.

So far I've fitted a removable bed. This is a printinz bed and I've designed up some abs bed holders. Seems to work okay, might need to tweak the front clip a little... Second, I'm halfway through enclosing the printer off for ABS. Some photos below.

And last of all will be autobed leveling :-) got my BL Touch probe on order..

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Wiki & Latest firmware

by samuelpinches

Hi all, I've been working on a few things that might be of interest:

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