Upgrading my z603S

by Waggster

Well hello all :-) I have a z603s and want to bring it upto 2018 spec :-) because the design is a couple of years old it's missing things like removable bed / filament sensor etc,, enclosure so I thought I would have a go at improving it.

So far I've fitted a removable bed. This is a printinz bed and I've designed up some abs bed holders. Seems to work okay, might need to tweak the front clip a little... Second, I'm halfway through enclosing the printer off for ABS. Some photos below.

And last of all will be autobed leveling :-) got my BL Touch probe on order..

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Y axis problem - Fixed!

by Denniford

weird one, these are such good machines, been running for years without issue. After a print today I happened to notice that the Y axis has got incredibly 'stiff' and when steppers are disabled, or machine off, it takes a huge amount of force to move it. Put a little grease on the bearing rods but no different. Any ideas? should i strip and replace bearings? thanks for any suggestions

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Replacement bed with thermistor installed needed.

by indyToronto

My heated bed no longer heats up. I've tried replacing the thermistor on it with no success. This tells me one of two things (1) it's something in the bed and it should be replaced. (2) The PCB with the circuit for the bed thermistor is fried and the PCB needs repalcing.

I'm trying to troubleshoot this in my spare time so if anyone has ideas, I would appreciate it. This is my ABS printer as it is highlysuccessful with ABS (I have plexiglass cover all around this guy and need to get it working again soon.

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Upgrading to silent stepper drivers

by NovelArteefact

Hi, has anyone considered upgrading to Trinamic drivers such as the TMC2100 or TMC2130 ?

The thing is the drivers are not removable so I'm thinking of getting a new RAMPS board.

Please let me know !


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Can't get Octoprint to connect with the JG AURORA Z603S

by indyToronto

I returned the first one and got a replacement unit, same thing. I switched between 4 different raspberry Pi units. Same thing. Octoprint sees the USB port, but it can't negotiate a connection speed -- cycles through all of them and then fails.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

JGAURORA JGAURORA_Z-603S Octoprint USB_connection
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Z603S replacement nozzle, heatblock etc

by indyToronto

Does anyone know which replacement nozzles and heatblocks are compatible with the jg aurora Z603S?

jg aurora JG_Aurora_Z603S Z603S
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Wiki & Latest firmware

by samuelpinches

Hi all, I've been working on a few things that might be of interest:

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Warning for Z-603S owners re Wire Fatigue and Strain Relief

by samuelpinches

Something really really important: I need to warn you Z-603S owners - the strain relief on the connection to the printing head is insufficient, and the wires will break there over time from the repeated flexing at the connection point on the head. On my head when these wires broke, they took out the stepper driver for the extruder as well, which required me to buy a whole brand new motherboard!

On my printer I added some strain relief to prevent this happening again. I extended all the wires manually, and then added some flexible rods within the cable sleeving to create more flex along the cable length, rather than all the flex occurring at the cable join point. The result is that this transfers the flexing from occuring at the connection point only, to being distributed along the length of cable more evenly.

Cables are designed to flex - just not at the same exact point continuously for hours on end during printing! :)

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