Can't get Octoprint to connect with the JG AURORA Z603S

JGAURORA JGAURORA_Z-603S Octoprint USB_connection

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I returned the first one and got a replacement unit, same thing. I switched between 4 different raspberry Pi units. Same thing. Octoprint sees the USB port, but it can't negotiate a connection speed -- cycles through all of them and then fails.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Hey mate,
I have a Z-603S and had a similar problem. From memory I had to select the baud rate manually. There was also some other option I remember I had to enable in the octoprint settings. Feel free if you want some help via teamviewer to message me. We also have a Z-603S group on facebook, and I've created a forum for JGAurora printers including the Z-603S here: jgauroraforum.com
The forum on thingiverse doesn't work very well, it doesn't notify people which makes it hard to participate.

My leadscrews are much longer than my smooth rods. So I moved it up, now it's a bit loose but that just lets it remain stationary as the leadscrew rotates inside.