Upgrading to silent stepper drivers

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Hi, has anyone considered upgrading to Trinamic drivers such as the TMC2100 or TMC2130 ?

The thing is the drivers are not removable so I'm thinking of getting a new RAMPS board.

Please let me know !


Just curious, besides the noise, what issues are you having with the hardwired JGAurora motherboard? Now to answer your question specifically, I think the MKS GEN L board and the 32 bit TFT 28 would make an excellent and cheap replacement to the original motherboard and screen...

With all respect, I think the MKS TFT28 modules are unreliable garbage - and have been a source of frustration for many JGAurora A5 and A3S owners. Plus, they are closed source, which is only making your printer more proprietary, and less customisable down the track.

If you would like to upgrade the motherboard, I would suggest that it could make more sense to go for a 32 bit board? This ould enable higher microstepping rates for better print quality, as well as things like wifi support. I am aware that 32bit support with marlin is making progress, but from what I've now had experience with after trying it out, it is still in fairly early stages.

Hi, I need to print in an open space so I was thinking of replacing the drivers. Then I figured out the drivers are hardwired... Thanks for the advice, I'll have a look to the MKS !

When I bought my printer it came with the first generation motherboard. That motherboard had a stepper driver fail, so I replaced the motherboard with Rumba motherboard.

It's definitely possible to do this, the problem I had was that I had to make a brand-new motherboard mounting solution. I decided to mount the motherboard on the outside of the printer, which then meant I had additional problems with having to lengthen all the wires too...

I got sick of the unreliable issues and long wires going everywhere, so I eventually asked JGAurora and purchased the new motherboard.

Is it possible? Yes. Would recommend it? Maybe not, depending on your skill level.

Thanks for your feedback, so obvisously the tricky part is integration...