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by ScottCher

Just a short note to welcome you to the Autodesk Inventor group on Thingiverse. My hope is to share information about tips, tricks and techniques for using Inventor for additive manufacture of designs. I know I've learned a bit in the last few months that have helped me produce more successful prints and I'm hoping to pass that knowledge along and learn from others as well.

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Getting my Inventor design to print properly

by Bezulba

I designed this bracket to fit my Rasberry PI Zero W on top of the mosfet/motherboard bracket: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2754729

Yet i have problems with the design. The cylinder that slides over the bracket will not print properly at the bottom. Now it's not a major issue, i just file away the crappy print layers and it fits fine but it's not clean and that's bothering me.

What i tried:

  1. I added a solid layer to the supports in Simplify3D settings. Didn't improve it
  2. Enlarged the cylinder with an extra flange so the slicer has more room to place supports. Didn't help that much. I did get more support plastic but still not enough to make it print right.

Is this a pure design flaw that i need to fix or is it a printing issue?

Raspberry Pi Zero W Bracket useable with Mosfet Support Frame for Anet A6/A8
by Bezulba
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STL Importing Face Orientation Error(SOLVED)

by Michaelwu21

EDIT: I managed to fix it

I'm editing an stl file, and as usual, I convert to solid via base feature plugin, but this model doesn't come up solid, but as surfaces with a bunch of errors. Their own 'heal errors' was unable to fix any of them, but using some other converters, etc, I was able to reduce it down to one face orientation error.

Can't figure out how to fix it, tried patching, sculpting, stitching, nothing worked.
It's just that one messed up face that's orientated incorrectly.
Original file is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2347449/#files

Titan Aero BLTOUCH and Layer Fan whit x Carriage
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Inventor 2018

by mrduncan

I have an original Inventor prt file that I have modified and saved under a different name. But, when I convert the modding prt drawing into a STL file, the STL file is the original prt drawing, not the modified prt drawing. Is this something new in Inventor 2018? And, how can I gemerate a STL file of the modified drawing fie?

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How to make n- sided polyhedrons?

by CyranotheGray

Many modeling programs have functions to create polyhedrons of any number side; Does inventor have its own or am I S.O.L?

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