how do i create words on a round ring?

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hello friends I am needing some help. I was wondering how to create text on a round ring on Auto Desk Inventor 2018!? anything is helpful!!! thanks!


I will try that thx for all the help everyone!!! ;)

I decided to have a play and try and get text all the way around the ring without deformity. I succeeded.
First i extruded a square into a box
Then i wrote some text and embossed it
Then i used the "bend part" tool to bend it all the way around on itself.
This method had a 0.001mm gap in it which i needed to prevent errors. I filled this with an extrusion

I was also wondering if anyone knows how to create threads?

cool thx. I am not sure where the Bend Part tool is. could you send/put a pic of where it is on here?

The bend part tool is under the "3d model / modify" section. I have only ever used the professional version, so i have no idea if it appears in standard inventor or not.

I am not sure what you mean by "creating threads" You will need to give me more information.

that will help thx for the pic

threads like you would put on a screw.

In the photo attached above you will see a feature in the "Create" section called "coil". This tool is the only one i can find that can cut a thread that will show up in a .stl file for printing.


Haven’t thought of that yet! Thx! Do you know how to do threads in a 2D sketch?

There is a free plugin you can download called cool Orange, that will create any thread you make with the thread function first. It changes the bitmap image to real thread

could you put the link on here?


You need to do the thread function first then the plugin get info from that to model the thread. You tube is your friend

Fyi tfi (same guy as link below) also has a video on this plugin