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by SorrowBJD

Most BJDs are strung with 3mm elastic cord. This is problematic. Dolls usually "kick" under too much cord tension or just flop about with too little cord tension. One method to prevent kicking is by adding friction to the joints either with hot glue or felt. This mostly works, but isn't perfect. Here is a much better method I want to share of using metal wire alongside the elastic to retain poses. Tutorial video below:


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SLA BJD files?

by alcumbra

I am trying desperately to find a BJD that I can print on a resin printer (Elegoo Mars) with tenacious added to my elegoo skin resin in 1:12 scale. I have tried various dolls but when sizing them down to 1:12 I am unable to get the balls and sockets to align, I guess the resin isn't precise enough. Ironic, because the finishing is so beautiful. Are there any other resin printers here? Any suggestions for me? Thank you!

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Novice here looking for help and a shopping list

by SoreBluff

Got a couple questions if ya can help it would be awesome.

I have a model I'm working and I want to add joints, so any guides (pref for blender) would be awesome.

I'm also looking for a shopping list of things to buy for the doll, kinda would like to have the necessary parts before I start the print.

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Increase infill after scaling down?

by SavageRealm

I need a 1:12 scale doll for a project, so was going to experiment with scaling down one of the larger gals from Thingiverse (haven't made my mind up which one just yet) but wanted to ask if I should increase the infill from what I do on larger prints to make the smaller version sturdier? My brain kinda sorta says yes, but I've also been staring at myself trapped at home for too long and might be off my rocker a bit.

Thank you!

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