Jointed hands

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Ok so I played around with the jointed hand that can be found on here and made it into a 1/3 bjd size
I printed and tested it, works pretty well, looks cool, but I'm not happy with
All the sanding and after processing. I wonder if I could print each
finger bit a different way so there is less support. Anyhow
I used .7mm elastic and its just a tad to big for the pinky.
I think best would be .5mm , I will upload the file at a later date once I
Perfect it! But for now here are some photos, let me know what you all think.

Hey, i've found a base modell, and turned in into a hand,it's work in progress, and the original author did not updated hes work in 3 years. Bu ti will check the license, and publis it if possible. Currently it's drilled, not printed with all the holes. And this is not 1/3 but 1/2 scale. Anyway wil you share your design Davis?

ok good find, don't have the time now but it would be nice to have them just in case. Let us know...

GJ, I will try for more color mixing next year for my Dollfies but I need a different hand with a stick

A new resinprinter is coming from Elegoo :) very smooth resin prints

Terrific Work!!! You have done a fantastic job! Please consider sharing the files. It would be great to see all the doll designs upgraded with your jointed hands.

here we go, hope you guys can all make use of it, it is very tedious but worth it!

I look forward to seeing your files