Where do I get s hooks?

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I am finished printing all the parts for my doll https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3184441
and I cannot string her because I am having trouble getting s hooks that I can use, I bought a few different sets of hooks on Amazon but they all seem to be made of steel and are impossible to bend to my needs.

The calf part of the leg only has a hole with a thickness of a large straw and none of the hooks I had already purchased and tried wont even fit. I just would like to know what other people are doing to make or get hooks for their dolls.

Polaris: Double jointed ball jointed doll (1/3 BJD)
by bahboh

I'm still printing my doll (50% size), but I tried some parts with s-hooks made from silver wire. You can probably buy it in local art supply shops or else order it online. 2mm should be the right size for a 1/3 doll. I use my round nose pliers to bend it. Works well! If you don't have the tool, you could try using a pencil or other cylindric shapes.

I used one small s hook for the head that I bought at Home Depot (a hardware store) and simply strung the cords through the hands and feet. It wouldn't be my first choice but if you aren't planning on changing them very often it works fine.

I made mine out of a paperclip folded in half then bent into an S shape with pliers. And then for the head someone used a button do that it wouldn't pop they the head. But they're not actually necessary and you could just tie them directly to the hands/feet. It will just be a bit more difficult up switch to alternate hands, feet or head.

Wouldnt a paper clip bend due to the tension of the elastic cords?

I used the largest "normal" looking paperclip from like Walmart. When it's folded in half, is essentially doubling the strength. You can't bend the double wire into an S shape with your fingers. Pliers are required due to the strength so it's held up fine with my doll. One side is narrower to fit in the calf/forearm. The others side can be wider to accommodate the bar of the hand/foot. You thread the afternoon through the body/limbs with a pipcleaner and then at the end you can put the hook and appendage on.

*Thread the elastic

Thanks, I'll try that when I get home tonight!

A lot of sizes cheap on Aliexpress, you need at least one in the head and use clamps to keep the elastic tight, tie the knot, release the clamp.
You can use hot glue from a distance (melting) and work that inside the joints for much more "pose-ability".

I was trying to avoid buying from China because of the shipping time

I understand, though most of these shops are probably far away and it will require a lot of visiting stores near you and in cities close-by.

I think I remember a bunch of stuff from Hornbach, but if that was the case it would be many many years ago