Fan created print episodes

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As a fan of the show I believe Barnacules should print his fan's stl files.
I would like to know the other fans opinions and if they would like this idea to become a series on his show.


i think i need help

i recon this is a really good idea i would watch the series for sure!!!!!!

I like this idea. No worries if it doesn't happen, but I think my Needler project would look killer alongside the helmet and magnum pistol. shameless plug.

Your models do look good, I might print one myself.

Thanks, I'm working on something new, and even bigger.

h1hummerh3t (owner)
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Is that really you Barnacules? if so would you mind doing an episode of printing some of your fans STL files?
I am not sure who created this group if it wasn't you though.

Who created this group? :D

h1hummerh3t (owner)
is the owner of the group

I think that's a really neat idea.

I agree with this. I originally found his channel through 3D printing and believe he should publish more 3D printing content.