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Multi color printing problems

by lenny12135

Hi all, I am trying to print multi color on my BIBO2 and when it comes to element 2, it prints about 2 inches from where it should. I merged the models in Cura 4.0 and it previews just fine. Not sure what to do, i checked my settings for x and y and even reloaded the firmware and software. Any help would be appreciated.

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Extruder 1 no longer heating

by Kidria

Hello; I've had a Bibo for a few weeks now. Ran into a few problems, and had to dissemble the extruder kit so I could replace a snapped thermistor in Extruder 2.

However, after a lengthy reassembly, extruder 1 no longer heats up. Only extruder 2 will, and if I set it to heat up extruder 1, extruder 2 starts to heat up instead. All of my wires appear to be in the correct place, but I just can't get extruder 1 to function any more. Any ideas?

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by lutin_d

I've had the Bibo 2 Touch for about a month now. Tried printing with some low-end filament and jammed the extruder. Had to disassemble it in order to clear the jam. Now the temperature reading for that extruder shows -20C and it won't heat. Any ideas how I might fix this thing?

Thanks all!

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BIBO 2 Touch horizontal axis shift

by Bowlnoodle4

I'm trying to print a relatively tall print, but the printer keeps horizontally shifting the axis, ruining the print. this has happened twice now, and the print is relatively big, and wastes a lot of filament every time it prints. The file i used for both prints was the same, so it might be a code glitch in cura, or a problem with my printer. Has anyone had this problem, and have they found any solution?

axis shift BIBO cura
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dual extruder woes using cura and the bibo 2 touch

by broncoluvr74

First of all, this is my third printer. I have been printing using Cura for a couple of years now, and I am mostly proficient.
However, this is my first dual extrudert. I followed all the directions for setting up the machine in Cura.
Today I tried to do a dual extrusion print ( the tree frog) It only printed up to about 5 mm high in layers, and then said " I am at 100%...all done!"
So, I tried a different file, and it only printed to about 5mm high, and considered itself done. Any ideas?
As we speak, I am trying out a single extruder print, to see if it works or not.
One final thing that is odd. When I save my print, Cura automatically closes out right after the print is saved.
I am using Cura 3.6.0.

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