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Sharing ideas is important, we help each other

by voodoopt

I hope this group can bring people together who have a hobby improve the bike trough usefulness of our 3D printers

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Wheelbuilding Tensiometer (develoopment)

by Modellaner

We mooved here because the extreme long comment section have to end.

So this should be a possibility to develoop a precise, cheap and of course printable Tensiometer like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2810089/#comment-1835147

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Rohloff Shifter - Any Tips?

by MattWhelan

I'm considering a Rohloff Speedhub for my next bike, but I like drop bars. The factory Rohloff shifter is a grip-shifter that mounts on 22.2mm diameter straight bars, rather than 23.8mm drop bars.

Because the indexing for the hub is all in the hub itself, rather than in the shifter, I think I could design and print a pretty nice grip shifter for drop bars, or possibly some sort of fat lever shifter, even. The most reasonable drop bar mounted solution that I'm aware of is Comotion's $250 shifter, which looks very nice, and seems to be milled out of nice metal parts, but frankly, I'd rather design and print something, so that a not-$250-solution will exist.

I don't think the actual CAD bit will be all that difficult; I have a fair bit of OpenSCAD experience, and the parts aren't all that complicated. I think. But, I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips about designing long-wearing all-weather printable bike parts.

I'm also wondering if anyone around here owns a Speedhub and would be interested in beta testing. I don't have that bit yet, and while the spec sheet from Rohloff is quite detailed, there's no substitute for trying it out.

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Any great bike hack you would like to share ?

by zBis

Hey guys !
We're a FabLab trying gather great projects about bike hacks in general, do you have anything in mind that would fit ?
And if you're working on any project we'd be eager to help !

Greetings from Vendée

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Let's Make a Custom Bike Light ^_^

by Spindoctor


I am unsatisfied with the commercially available bike lights.
They are either expensive, use uncommon battery types or can easily be stolen (when left on the bike).

Therefore I am willing to design a custom bike light. However, I could not do that on my own.

Would you like to join this project?

These are my design goals:

  • water proof
  • runs on a single AA or AAA battery
  • hard to steal (maybe fixed with an "unusual" screw)
  • runs on at least 4 LEDs

I already made some sketches for the design, but I lack the technical knowledge for the circuit.

Please tell me what you think!

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