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Sharing ideas is important, we help each other

by voodoopt

I hope this group can bring people together who have a hobby improve the bike trough usefulness of our 3D printers

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Increasing sound pressure of bicycle bells..

by SchlagRat

I am currently looking for a way to increase the sound pressure of normal bicycle bells by changing the directivity pattern of the sound. This is the first thing which is cheap and simple but promising:


Any ideas or comments are welcome.
If you try it out for yourselves, I'd appreciate your feedback.

CommuterBell, the $10 extreme loud bicycle bell
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Wheelbuilding Tensiometer (develoopment)

by Modellaner

We mooved here because the extreme long comment section have to end.

So this should be a possibility to develoop a precise, cheap and of course printable Tensiometer like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2810089/#comment-1835147

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Bike Phone Mount

by alextheawesome

Hey I'm new here. Does anyone have any smart ideas for mounting my phone to my Hardtail? should i do it on my stem? or...

Bike Bike mount phone phone mount thanks
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Shimano shifter bolt plug

by ko3Des

Does anyone try to reproduce one of those small bolt plugs from shimano shifters? Can't find it on Thingiverse. I keep loosing them all the time :-)

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