Let's Make a Custom Bike Light ^_^

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I am unsatisfied with the commercially available bike lights.
They are either expensive, use uncommon battery types or can easily be stolen (when left on the bike).

Therefore I am willing to design a custom bike light. However, I could not do that on my own.

Would you like to join this project?

These are my design goals:

  • water proof
  • runs on a single AA or AAA battery
  • hard to steal (maybe fixed with an "unusual" screw)
  • runs on at least 4 LEDs

I already made some sketches for the design, but I lack the technical knowledge for the circuit.

Please tell me what you think!

Bike iphone 6 plus holder with batter 18650 and light cree xml
by mlanza

Number one priority that is almost impossible to get in commercial lights: full cut-off optics.

But if you're limiting yourself to a single AA cell, already I'm not interested. Not possible to get enough light or enough runtime out of that, simply not enough energy.

Also why 4 LEDs? Designing effective optics for multiple LEDs is very difficult. Single LEDs can be more than bright enough - there's simply no reason to go with multiple LEDs these days unless you're trying to use cheap LEDs for some reason (when "good" LEDs are still pretty cheap).

BTW the whole "I have an idea but no technical knowledge, please help" is very old. Ideas are free and a dime a dozen.

Sorry, it's been a while since I visited this thread.

@jeroen79: this looks good, but it has a slightly different purpose compared to my aim...

@beachsandscoops: Sounds great! Here is my latest 3D-design approach:
However, it is not completely finished yet...

Let me know if I can provide anything else for the moment!

I probably can design, but need to look to some of your files.

here is my simple but effiecent desing:


Mega Battery Bike Light

Hi Marcel,

I don't have time to take on more projects right now. However, I will be working on diving flashlights in the future and will let you know if I can make them work with a bicycle and meet your specs.

hello think a good idea, my opinion I think the best way to feed power is with batteries 18650
use a solar storm x2 flashlight to see these and I am satisfied

just stick a cree onto a clip on holder and put in pockret when you leasve it, AA's are a waste of time like standard led's

Thank you for that idea! However, this would be a big change the original project goals.

I live in a big city with lots of street lights. Therefore I need the bike light more for being visible at night and not necessarily to illuminate the road.

There are plenty of cheap bike lights for exactly this purpose on ebay and Aliexpress (although most of them use quite uncommon batteries). However, they can easily be removed (in other words stolen) from the bike, so I would need to take them with me, every time I leave my bike.

This is why I want a bike light with a common power source and some kind of "theft prevention" and why I don't care so much about the illuminating power.

Thank you for your interest! It would be great to make this together.

The reasons why I only wanted to use one battery is simple:
Size and weight.

Also I thought that one AA battery has enough capacity to power ~4 (normal) LEDs for quite a long time.

The minty-boost charger is quite similar to what I had in mind. However, I thought it might be even easier to use a component like the YX8018 (http://www.datasheet-pdf.info/entry/YX8018-Datasheet-YX8018-Solar-LED-driver) which is used in solar garden lights.

I bought a couple of these chips to experiment. I followed this guide (http://bit.ly/20pkOyk) but I don't seem to get it working.

IF it would work however, I don't see any reasons why it would be necessary to use more than one battery... What do you think?
Btw: if you are interested, I could post the 3D sketches I made.

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I consider the project of great interest, why only one battery stylus? I would use a 5 volt power supply with the possibility to use 4 rechargeable AA (1.25 volts) or a USB portable charger (5 volts) as PowerTube or other (4 LEDs as Cree XM-L2 consume 36 W)

Sounds like a good project. For similar reasons I came up with a design for holding a small led flashlight. You might want to reconsider using only a single battery though, with four AAAs you don't need a circuit which keeps the cost and complexity down. If you search for "4 aaa battery holder" you can find many low cost holders. If you are committed to one battery then you will need a boost circuit like this one https://learn.adafruit.com/minty-boost or search for "simple boost converter for AA batteries", there are many designs available.