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Welcome! New Members Please Read!

by atartanian

Blender 3D is a professional level open source 3D design tool. It has tons of features, a robust development community and a huge worldwide community of users. It is used for 3D design for diverse applications from video games to scientific visualization to 3D printing.

You can download it from www.blender.org/download

This group is a place to discuss all things Blender 3D including (but not limited to) new features, modeling techniques, questions, addons, works in progress, etc. Come share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions.

Join to add your Blender designs to this group's Things. I'll feature awesome Things that include the .blend file used to make it so members have a set of reference designs to learn from.

Have fun!

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Help Cutting a Hole?

by rebeltaz

This is the file I am working on - https://ufile.io/ny7blqtm - This model will be 3d printed.

I have cut a question mark out of a box. I intend to print the question mark out as a separate piece and insert it into the hole in the box. I scaled one side of the dot so that the sides are beveled 0.9% I need to do that to the hook part, too, so that it can slide into the hole. For the life of me, I cannot figure out a way to do this.

@reddadsteve, maybe you might have an idea?

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Science fair

by MacintoshE9vt

My school is doing a science fair, and i am working on a title for my slide show for the project, does anyone have any recomended things to try to spice this up?

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Smoke going thorough a Model

by Qayin

Frist of all Thanks to all those who answered all my other questions they were a major help. Now a new question how do you get smoke to go around a model insead of thorough the Model. I am trying to make a rocketship land with smoke and flame but a can't seem to get the smoke to go around the ship. I know that I have to use collision modifer along with ridgid body physics but can't seem to get the setting right. I included a link to the smoke simulation that I am using and did contact the person who posted the video and he did get back to me but his idea's didn't help. I also tried quick smoke but the same issue.


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What Happened to the image

by Qayin

I imported images lined them and everything had been working fine untill I hid the images (done this many time) but when I unhid the images I discovered that they all had turned voilet and changed shape. Any idea's why this happened? The white plans is what it should look like.

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