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Welcome! New Members Please Read!

by atartanian

Blender 3D is a professional level open source 3D design tool. It has tons of features, a robust development community and a huge worldwide community of users. It is used for 3D design for diverse applications from video games to scientific visualization to 3D printing.

You can download it from www.blender.org/download

This group is a place to discuss all things Blender 3D including (but not limited to) new features, modeling techniques, questions, addons, works in progress, etc. Come share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions.

Join to add your Blender designs to this group's Things. I'll feature awesome Things that include the .blend file used to make it so members have a set of reference designs to learn from.

Have fun!

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Sizing problems

by Olyrick

when I am making a model and I set to mm and export it and bring it in to my slicer eveything is fine.but when I use Inches and expor the model is tiny?What am I doing wrong?

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Help - Ayuda

by FedeMiller

PD: translate google sorry!!!!


Hello, someone who can help me on this page I want to download this:

The page has many flaws and I can not register, I think it was hacked.
And try to communicate with the owner of the page and nothing, and I think the page
every time it is worse there is someone who is already registered on this page and can download the file thanks regards


Hola alguien que me pueda ayudarme en esta pagina quiero bajar esto:

La pagina tiene muchas fallas y no me puedo registrarme, creo que fue hackeada.
Y trate de comunicarme con el dueño de la pagina y nada, y creo que la pagina
cada vez anda peor hay alguien que ya este registrado en esta pagina y pueda descargar el archivo gracias saludos

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Looking for someone who can design a salamander model

by rstcologne


I'm looking for someone who could create a printable model of the "front half" of a salamander, basically the head with two feet and an open mouth. The cut off back should contain a hole for a pipe. The mouth should act like a funnel.

We are planning to build a pipe phone (not sure if that's the correct English term), basically a long pipe connecting two ends of a long hallway in a kindergarden. It's supposed to be fire salamander themed and the funnel shaped mouth piece/listening piece on both sides is intended to be salamander shaped.

Designing this myself would be way above my league. I'm willing to pay the designer if the price is not too high. Obviously the design should be shared here as well.


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