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by Unconquered

"The problem is not just to change the bed size.. but to make it work flawlessly.
i can only recommend something that i have designed, checked and made sure it will work (300mm bed).
before it published I spent more than a month on software simulating, another month of improving and again simulating.
that even before it was built - all to make sure it will work perfectly (balance, stress process and so on).
a few comments below, you will find an excellent solution for bigger beds that another member like me and you came with.
adding another Z extrusion can be wise for heavy (400mm+) Z/bed carriages" - BLV

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Where and how do the X/Y end stop switches get mounted?

by daAntidote

Hi, I have the all metal kit and am wondering.. where and how do the X/Y end stop switches get mounted?

Thanks in advance

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2 x T Shape Brackets

by Unconquered

"Hi, I can't figure out where the 2 x T Shape Bracket 60x60 are needed. Can you tell me please?" - Vinculum

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Online shop from France: BLV Cube Profile kit 665mm reinforced

by tsmaa


Here is my kit 665mm with extra reinforced frame (thanks to BLV)


Lowest price in France, in my opinion

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CNC Machined Parts

by Merdoc

Hi Ben,

I just saw your home page about the new metal parts, and want to say Congrats!! That must be huge and you seem elated, they look gorgeous. How are they working out (other than the oval holes)? While on Alibaba I noticed a set of machined parts and decided to purchase them. With the kit from AliExpress and the machined Alibaba parts arriving soon, I was hoping to get your first impressions of them and any feedback you have. Being a CNC machinist in my former life, it is nice to know the critical components can be made from aluminum, where strength and reliability will not be a factor. Is there anything you can see missing or lacking in the parts? How is the alignment of the belts? Any words of wisdom for me putting the BLV together for the first time? I’ve been busy getting all the resources, configurations, and firmware together, steep learning curve coming from a modded Ender 3, but not impossible.
You must be very busy, and amusing me with my questions is low on your priorities, that is why I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post your brilliant ideas and allowing us to share your great invention. Take care and hope to speak to you soon.

BLV_mgn_cube CNC_Machine
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