What games are you working on/planning/etc for new inserts?

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Are you planning on making any inserts, working on any right now, have a game you are thinking about doing an insert for? What about just one you wish had a good one?

I am just getting started with my designs for my games. I found several very cool designs but they all take longer than I would like to print so I am challenging myself to create my own minimalist designs. I just finished my One Night Ultimate Werewolf design (added to the group too!).

The next game I am going to work on is Among the Stars as it was horribly designed, the box is 3x bigger than it needs to be!

So I have that game, and did a foamcore organizer for it. I also have all (all!) the expansions. With the sleeves, it barely fits in the box now. So I'm not very upset about the size of that box....

Nice. I love the game! Are there any expansions you would recommend?

I have seen some templates for Foam inserts, and thought about it but I am wanting to design something in 3D to sharpen my skills with this. I will probably focus on a base game insert then look into the expansions later.

Red Dragon Inn would be a good one. I haven't started one.

I've found tinkercad to be really easy to work with for basic organizers, as most of them are just boring rectangles. It's not very good for a really complex part, but I'm not convinced most organizers need any. :)

Right now, I'm working on Uwe Rosenberg's Nusfjord. I actually have the whole thing designed, just need to print it all out and make sure everything fits right. I wanted a little practice before I tackle the games that I think will be real challenges. Fields of Arle, and Near & Far. Fields of Arle just has so much stuff, and I have the expansion, so here's hoping it all fits!