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New SpaceShip

by renan3dstls

Hi guys, just add a new spaceship concept that i made, Explorer.pre-supported, hollow



SpaceShip - Concept Model by renan3dstls
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No Boardgame Search Tag

by Amateur_Maker

What can we do to get this fixed? There are tons of things that can be printed for boardgames, but there's no boardgame search tag that I saw. Searching on the name of the game can return mixed results, obviously.

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by SickRanchez

Hey Everyone!

I want to make a functioning replica Jumanji board.

Someone has already modeled the box art, and the inside should be no problem for me, but my modeling skills are no where near good enough to draw up the pieces.

So this is an APB for anyone out there who feels up to the challenge of designing the 4 tokens from the game (croc, monkey, elephant, and rhino).

I'd really appreciate it!

boardgame boardgames board_game game_token Jumanji
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Mousetrap Game

by ThatEmuGuy

Just off the top of my head I was thinking, hey wouldn't a reimagining of the mousetrap game be a fun topic to build.
Any thoughts? For those that don't know this game here is a link.


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