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Other Firmware then that of BQ

by eLn1r0

I've read in other Forums that there is a possibility to port another firmware to the BQ Hephestos 2 Printer, probably the original firmware from marlin, but i've never seen any tutorial about this. They also state that the Printer works better with the Original Firmware... does anyone have experience or have heard about it?

BQ_hephestos_2 marlin_firmware
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Hephestos 2 - E3D Carriage

by stonecoldfx

Hey just want to share my E3D Carriage for the Hephestos 2.

There is a BLtouch and a BQSensor Version.



Hephestos 2 - E3D/BLtouch/BQSensor Mount (Bowden)
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Which filaments can Hephestos 2 print without a heated bed?

by lpsd

I am planning on buying a hephestos 2 without a heated bed. What filaments can it print? I will print mostly PLA, but wanted to know if it can do PETG, flexible TPE/TPU? I am not going to print ABS and HIPS

filament Hephestos_2 PETG tpe TPU
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by fuoconelteepee

is it possible to print ASA with Hephestos2 (with heated bed)?

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Hephestos 2 - Pritning with ABS (easy)

by stonecoldfx


Finally, i tried to Print with ABS on the Hephestos 2 after thousands of hours printing PLA.

I have to say it is easier then I expected so I want to share my experience.

Material: ESUN (red) ABS
Printing Temp: 240°C
Bed Temp: 90°C

-To successfully print with ABS without warping, I needed to use an ABS/Acetone mixture.
Just dissolve some ABS with Acetone and apply a generous Amount on the print bed.

-Take care the Printer is not near a window where it's a little windy. Especially in Wintertimes, that cold air can make the ABS warp of bed or even give the heated bed hard times to keep its temp.

Important Note:
After you switching from ABS to PLA u need to heat the Hotend to ABS temp like 240°C otherwise it will clog your Hotend.

ABS Acetone Hephestos_2 printing abs
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