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by 3D-ME

Calibration is key to getting your printer working reliably and accurately.

This group is a place to discuss many of the aspects regarding calibrating your printer, as well as sharing files designed for printer calibration.

Feel free to start a topic about anything that is calibration related, i.e. best calibration techniques, build plate adhesive, max printer speed, or favorite calibration objects.

Have fun!

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Blue tape notre sticking to glass

by Nono9212

Hi ,
I recently switched to blue painter's tape (scotch 3M) to solve my issues with first layers. The pla I'm printing seems to stick rather well to the tape with a bit of rubbing alcohol applied before, however, it doesn't prevent thé plastic from wrapping as the tape itself wraps up... Anyone has an Idea on how to fix that ?
My bed is calibrated as good as possible , like 0.05mm précision, printing at 0.2mm layer height for the first layer at 205° (recommended between 180-210 on the label).

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Weird first layer problems

by Teranolist


currently I have some weird problems with my first layers (see pictures).

In total, the bed seems leveled quite well, but there are two spots with, in my opinion, exactly opposite problems:

On one spot, the layer is too thin, on the other it curles upwards (doesn't stick?).

  • The bed was cleaned thoroughly right before this print
  • I checked the bed with a ruler, it looks perfectly flat on those spots

Is there anything else that could cause this behaviour?

Edit: Some Details:
Filament: Elegoo white PLA
Layer Height: 0.3mm
Speed: 30mm/s
Nozzle: 220°C
Bed: 60°C

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Ender 2 Fang Profile?

by Steamboat_Ed

Howdy gang. Have added a fang to my Ender 2 and took a whack at tuning it with zero success. Has anyone got a link to a good profile for this config? Hoping to eventually do the same to an Ender 3 if I ever get the 2 figured out.

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Z Over Movmnet, Z Calibration?

by divreig

I don't know what's on, its a new build. The Z movement is way over what it should be. I had the axis move 40mm but it moved 52.23mm. I am using the firm ware form the kit manufacture and checked #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT to the Prusa calculator (https://www.prusaprinters.org/calculator/) the values are correct.
Any ideas.

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