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by 3D-ME

Calibration is key to getting your printer working reliably and accurately.

This group is a place to discuss many of the aspects regarding calibrating your printer, as well as sharing files designed for printer calibration.

Feel free to start a topic about anything that is calibration related, i.e. best calibration techniques, build plate adhesive, max printer speed, or favorite calibration objects.

Have fun!

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No extrusion combined with retraction on first layer

by vovcacik

I am probably just stupid, but my printer has no flow on first layer and the motor retracts. Higher layers (about third layer up) got no problem.



  • more pics
  • note the pattern, it seems the center is convex along one axis
  • finished make added
Flsun Prusa acrylic parts
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Problem printing spheres and the sort..

by MeisnerX

I did not have this problem before but it seems to have surfaced randomly and I really don't know how to search for the issue since its hard to describe..

If I try to print a basic sphere the first layer prints fine, then the second layer misses the first layer completely.. Problem just gets worse as it goes because it tries to print in midair.. Seems like the diameter of the second layer should be slightly smaller then its printing so that it touches the first layer.. But unsure how to adjust for that.

Happens with any layer that is curved inside or outside..

I have an Afinibot a5 mini which prints really nicely outside of this issue.. I did have to replace the controller board due to it overheating but I retained all settings and flashed to the new board.

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Auto bed Leveling starting point

by mcp5500

I have a FLSun printer with a large bed. 280x280x320mm and I am having an issue that I can't find a solution online. Here it is. BLTouch same issue using inductive probe. This happens most of the time printing at 1 mm. You are supposed to set the distance of the nozzle to the bed and auto leveling does its thing. I don't believe it is that easy. When printing using 80% of the bed. The z offset hight is off at several different points. Why is this happening? I think, and I am going to test it today, is that z-offset should be found on the highest part of the bed. Not the center or corners but the highest point on the bed. That makes more sense as it does the outoleveling, the z offset would be less at each lower point. Am I missing something here because I can't print large surface areas at .1mm at all because z-hight is different at multiple spots after auto leveling. Using Merlin firmware and auto leveling grid with 25 points checked.

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