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by 3D-ME

Calibration is key to getting your printer working reliably and accurately.

This group is a place to discuss many of the aspects regarding calibrating your printer, as well as sharing files designed for printer calibration.

Feel free to start a topic about anything that is calibration related, i.e. best calibration techniques, build plate adhesive, max printer speed, or favorite calibration objects.

Have fun!

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What could cause this issue??

by Fallen_Empire99

Seems to happen randomly through any long prints i have and I don't know why gone through and redid the file in Simplyfy 3d and everything but still will always lead to this but last time it was around 20% in this time like 35% in,m any helkp would be appreciated

calibration dva extrusion Help problem
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Ender 2 Fang Profile?

by Steamboat_Ed

Howdy gang. Have added a fang to my Ender 2 and took a whack at tuning it with zero success. Has anyone got a link to a good profile for this config? Hoping to eventually do the same to an Ender 3 if I ever get the 2 figured out.

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No extrusion combined with retraction on first layer

by vovcacik

I am probably just stupid, but my printer has no flow on first layer and the motor retracts. Higher layers (about third layer up) got no problem.



  • more pics
  • note the pattern, it seems the center is convex along one axis
  • finished make added
Flsun Prusa acrylic parts
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print stops with 7 min left

by dlins

Hi....I'm a noob when it comes to 3d printing......I bought a tronxy, and followed all the directions including calibration....
what I didn't know was that slicer had to be tweaked too...lol....past that. now on to printing things, some of the things downloaded from thingverse work well when printing, although it does not show on the computer screen when printing...I am using repetier-host..although it shows the item on the placement screen it does not show on the printing screen other than a few travel routes on some of them.

was wondering if anyone is having the same issues???


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