What could cause this issue??

calibration dva extrusion Help problem

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Seems to happen randomly through any long prints i have and I don't know why gone through and redid the file in Simplyfy 3d and everything but still will always lead to this but last time it was around 20% in this time like 35% in,m any helkp would be appreciated

While you wait for some parts - if you feel that is a potential issue - try increasing you retraction a bit and maybe reduce the extrusion multiplier a bit too (i.e., extrude less). See if there is any improvement at all. I am no expert in printing but am quite experienced in producing plastic spaghetti. If you can accept that as a basis for advice, it might be worth a try... :)

You're wasting so much filament using that much infill. Using more shells and less infill is usually good. I try sticking to 2 shells and around 10% triangular infill. I mean, you're not trying to beat someone to death with your props are you? Long heavy sticks work better for that anyway.

What's the preview look like?

Not entirely sure, but your stepper drivers might be overheating, try putting a fan on the board.

Eh its set to 20% but I'll keep that in mind, and its half of a Dva gun from Overwatch basically supposed to look like how it does without that giant line down the middle,, but as in board i take it you mean the actual PCB? didnt know that was possible but ill give it a try thanks

Are you skipping teeth on one of both of the drive motors? Your belts should be pretty tight. Tight enough to strum like a guitar string.

Hmmm ill try to tighten them a bit more but they are pretty tight already its one giant belt that loops through both the X and Y motors, the thing is since the base plate doesn't move other then up and down and the angle of the line that messes up randomly through long prints is at an angle the X-Y motors are still moving so I don't know if that could be the issue but i still will give it a try on tightening the belt a bit more, thank you

Are you printing over USB or from the SD card?

SD card, Already deleted remade the file since this is the second time its happened thinking it was a corrupt file, this one made it a bit farther but still same issue, i have the ability to print via usb but never did that before, would i need to leave my PC on during the entire duration of the print if so? like no sleep mode?

Yes you would have to disable sleep to complete a print like this.

hmm could always try that, do you think it could be a cheap SD card though, using the 256mb one that came with it and i did notice before on my MPSM an issue with a specific SD card before that it wouldn't print at all so I had to swap it out for a better one

It could be. Could just be a bad spot on the card. You could try hashing the file on your computer and comparing it to the one on the SD card. If it's corrupting it the hash would be different.

hmm see that's the thing i opened it back up in simplify after the failed print and watched the replay and it seemed fine regardless i changed some settings in simplify and i bought a 1gb sandisk SD card and some heatsinks for the stepper motors and also did some other adjustments to the potentiometer screws for the extruders and the xyz axis's on the PCB and bought a fan for the PCB boards so since it only seems to be doing it during long prints ill keep to small prints till all the cooling stuff comes in and the other stuff and ill just keep tinkering with it in the mean time, thanks for the advice though, dont think theres much else i can do if this all doesnt work though

Get yourself a dedicated Rpi3 B+ and install the guysoft octopi image from Github. Then you can use the web interface and touchUI plugins to control from PC and mobile devices. Skip all that SD card nonsense and get a whole lot of pins to add sensors and buttons to. Python isn't very hard either, there's barely a syntax to it but plenty of libraries for serial comm. I'm also not sure why you'd get heat sinks for the motors. The drivers need heat sinks and if your motors are getting warm enough to require a heat sink, the drivers would most definitely shut off to cool.

I could always go through that option i guess with the Rpi which seems pretty useful especially from mobile device never knew about that, and eh was just reading some forums they don't get that hot, at least not hot enough for it to be worrisome, but i mean if i can get extra cooling for them I wouldn't mind, anyways all the drivers already have heatsinks on them and in the mean time, till the actual 4" desk fan I ordered comes in, I spliced, soldered and heat-wrapped an old 120mm PC fan from a 3 pin connector to a USB and have it running onto the actual PCB, to be completely honest I don't think its an over heating issue though but now that ive kinda adjusted everything the only thing i can do is try the print again and see if it fails this time too

You can never have too much FAC. USB standard is 5v, normally a MOLEX PC fan will run at 12v. You might want to find the pinout for your board and use some Dupont connectors to give it 12v.

If you place your index finger on the heat sinks, you should be able to hold it there for around 4-5 seconds before it's too uncomfortable to stay. If it immediately burns the living f*ck out of you, it's too hot.

Yeah luckily none of them are that hot at all, hot but not hotter then my heat bed which is set to 55c, I came to realize that it probably had nothing to do with the temps at all to be honest. but the bonus is I fine tuned everything software wise and Hardware wise and now I'm printing out a pair of God of War Chaos Blades and and the quality is amazing, pictures don't do it justice, but turns out it was the belt on the top of the Zonestar Z9 will dip if the print is placed on the top left of the bed it will then get caught on the actual pulley system (what i'm thinking since i was leveling the bed and it got caught then and would make sense to why the print could only move back and forth in that direction) so i printed out a model on my MPSM I made in 3D builder to support the belt to not dip down and the printer is now running all good, and on the plus side I have a bunch of cooling stuff coming that will hopefully just lengthen the lifespan of the printer, thanks though for all the advice :D

Good point, grub screws might have backed out.

hmm checked all the screws and theyre as tight as they can go i went and adjusted the stepper motor voltage a bit and ordered a fan to cool the PCB but itll be here in like a week so ill see if i can find something else in the mean time, also printed out a belt tensioner and tightened my belts a bit too, hopefully that helps if not idk what else it could be other then a bad SD card like the other guy notated, printing out a XYZ cube for calibration and if it fails ill try USB print on the same thing, also took your advice on the triangular infill with less %, also bought some heatsinks to put on the stepper motors just in case the overheating thing was an issue.