Weird first layer problems

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currently I have some weird problems with my first layers (see pictures).

In total, the bed seems leveled quite well, but there are two spots with, in my opinion, exactly opposite problems:

On one spot, the layer is too thin, on the other it curles upwards (doesn't stick?).

  • The bed was cleaned thoroughly right before this print
  • I checked the bed with a ruler, it looks perfectly flat on those spots

Is there anything else that could cause this behaviour?

Edit: Some Details:
Filament: Elegoo white PLA
Layer Height: 0.3mm
Speed: 30mm/s
Nozzle: 220°C
Bed: 60°C

Looks like your bed is warped.

Okay, I'm an idiot... I rechecked the bed and guess what, right where the transparent spot (thinner filament) was, a tiny crumb of filament was lying between the magnetic surface and the bed... sticked underneath and of course I only cleaned the upper surface...

Problem solved I guess - I could hit my head against something hard right now, lol

Sh*t happens. Good thing it was simple.

What's your initial layer height?
I recommend 0.3 mm.

It is 0.3mm :)

OK, then a too small gap between bed and nozzle might not be your problem.
However, judging my the other problems in you first layer, I would try printing even slower while rising up the temperature. The print bed should go up to 64 °C, nozzle: 215.
If that works out: lower these temperatures a bit.

I added the settings of this print to the main post, those are what gave me best results so far with that filament.

Since the problems occur on multiple passes on the same spots of the bed and the rest of the print beeing fine, I tend to see the bed as the problem, but just can't tell whats wrong on those spots...