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Renault master Nissan Interstar bottle holder

by Nikki101

hi I'm new to the group.
does anybody have the design files for the curved part of the master/interstar drinks holder?
what would be the best free software to use for a very new novice to use to try and design something to replace the original missing parts?
thanks in advance

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If you are into Classic Cars........

by Jabot_Designs

Join this new group dedicated to classic cars. You can post classic car parts, logos, memerobilia, model cars ect. Here is the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/classic-automobiles

Join if your interested!

classic cars group new
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BMW M70 Engine silencer cover injectors

by Narlys9999


The dimensions need checking and adjustment. Check dimensions before printing.

Created this for the BMW M70 V12 in the e32 Model BMW
This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online https://www.tinkercad.com/things/hIspCBP7zzz


Engine Cover for M70 BMW (Doesn't fit M70;yet!)
BMW M70 V12 Cover M70 Silencer V12
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Wind Deflectors

by razstec

I was thinking that wind deflector should be pretty easy to make and print with transparent filament or not, transparency is not a must have for me, any ideas?
I was thinking on something like this, anyone ever made this?

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