Land Rover Series 2 Demister Duct for Kodiak Heater

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Hello folks,
I'm new here but am looking to work with someone who has means to print a heat tolerant piece of ducting for an old Land Rover. It is for the defroster/demister hose so it may get to about 120 degrees F max. I managed to work through the design with a friend but he can't seem to get his powder-bed printer to work at the moment. I'm hoping to get two of these made in short order and sent to me. I'd happily pay for the pieces and shipping. Can anyone help?


thats printable, but it needs to modified and sliced into 3 parts, then glued or screwed together.

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ABS or PETG would be fine for the part. Since it will have vibrations Polypropolene would be best bet.
At 2" OD for the tubes that seems closer to several inches long overall.
Printing vertically tube end down would reduce supports. Another orientation would be rotated to the less angled wall down, pointier side up with supports under the tubes. Vertical is better though.
How long is the part?

It's kinda awkward to print, it might make sense to design it for printing or at least support removal.

You could look at Nylon/Talman Bridge, it might soften but shouldn't fail - depends on mechanical load.

PETg will do better on temp than PLA but that's getting borderline.

ABS I've never used but it is the classic "high temp" material, though more of a pain to use.

Is this thing only 20 CM?

I mean 2 CM not 20 Very sorry.

Hey, thanks for the interest. No, it's closer to 20CM. I don't have the exact number because my son designed it at school and he has an updated file but the tubular parts on the ends are 2" OD. We may be getting somewhere with the printer at school but I'm still interested pricing them regardless. I'll upload the updated file and details about application shortly, it's pretty specific.

Thanks again!