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Pieces to Print

by Geek2Nurse

My brother's 5 kids love to play this game, so I'm working on a 3D printed set for them for Christmas. I've never played it myself, so I'm trying to figure out for sure what all I need to print. I'm hoping someone here can answer a couple of questions for me:

Is there just one robber piece, or does each player have one?

Also, is the number of round tokens with the numbers on them the same for the 6-player game, or are there more of them?


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Catan fo blind people

by widerporst

Please note my version of "The Settlers of Catan." It is a version that you can play as a seeing person with non seeing people.

The Settlers of Catan for blind people / Die Siedler von Catan für blinde Menschen
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Retraction Settings?

by BenwaBaller

Hey! I love your game set! I have all the seafarers and original pieces printed for 5-6 players and i'm working on printing the Explorers and pirates expansion but i;m having issues printing some of the small pieces, It's either my retraction is too high and the printer jams or it's too low and i get tons of stringing and globs on the edges of the prints. What retraction settings do you use? i'm printing in PLA at 210C and .1 resolution with 30% infill. also, when you print these do you set up a gcode file with all of the player pieces to print them at once or just print them one piece at a time? i would love to just set up a big file for each player color but that's where my retraction issues mean a huge waste of time and filament. any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Looking for a little help

by supermoves

I would like to make a custom, 3-d printed military-themed settlers of catan game for a friend. I have all images, for tiles, but was hoping I could pay someone to help me with actually creating the files. I really, REALLY, like the game created by Moe Zarella to give people an idea of what I'm looking for. Here is a link to his game:


settlers catan style (magnetic)
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