Retraction Settings?


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Hey! I love your game set! I have all the seafarers and original pieces printed for 5-6 players and i'm working on printing the Explorers and pirates expansion but i;m having issues printing some of the small pieces, It's either my retraction is too high and the printer jams or it's too low and i get tons of stringing and globs on the edges of the prints. What retraction settings do you use? i'm printing in PLA at 210C and .1 resolution with 30% infill. also, when you print these do you set up a gcode file with all of the player pieces to print them at once or just print them one piece at a time? i would love to just set up a big file for each player color but that's where my retraction issues mean a huge waste of time and filament. any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I normally use Cura and when I print small pieces I use the feature print 1 by 1 and end up with 9 pieces on a plate, maybe not the best thing but there is no stringing. This said I haven't tried with the Explorers and pirates expansion but I used this with all other game pieces. I also use to go as low as 190C (bed 60C no raft)for PLA using 3dprima select filament, however I have also seen that this could actually be like 200C due to calibration since normal room temperatur show as 10C when I start printing