Catan fo blind people

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Please note my version of "The Settlers of Catan." It is a version that you can play as a seeing person with non seeing people.

The Settlers of Catan for blind people / Die Siedler von Catan für blinde Menschen

Great idea. But there are only so many people who want to play catan ("25 million copies worldwide"), and only "39 million blind". This is out of "7.8 billion people". The chance that a person is blind is 39,000,000/7,800,000,000 (0.5%). The chance that a person wants to play catan is 25,000,000/ 7,800,000,000 (0.3%). The chance that a person is both blind and a catan player is 39,000,000/7,800,000,000 times 25,000,000/ 7,800,000,000, or 0.001%, or 7,800,000 people. Thats not a lot. numbers from google

Thanks for the compliment :-)
Assuming that the need for social interaction in the form of a board game is equally distributed, you can probably calculate like this.