CERAMBOT Mall will be online soon

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What components do you want to see in the mall? Extra cartridges, needle tips, clay pots, extruders? What else do you want to know about CERAMBOT?

Can you tell us more about clay and any other materials you printed with? What type of clay did you try? What works best? What doesn't work as well? How do you prepare materials for printing?


This is the official printing material of CERAMBOT: clay powder, the video shows how to use it.

The clay powder ensures the stability of the printing material, the water content and softness of the material are quantified and guaranteed, and the printing success rate is improved.

Quality ratio of printing material: Clay Powder: Water ≈ 4:1.

The clay powder is easy to transport and easy to store.

Coming soon in the official mall: www.cerambot.com

Thank you!

I would like to incorporate 3D-printed parts into my hand-made pottery. It would be great if I could use the same clay since it would have the same pyrometric properties, glaze behavior, etc. The clay I'm buying locally comes already moist. It's perfect for hand work but probably a bit too dry for printing. Have you tried using wet clays available commercially? Can you give some advice on what's the best way to bring it to printable consistency?

You can use the locally clay and you also buy our clay powder. You should add some water into the wet clay about the 10-15%weight of it.