Pro Extruder Kit

3d printing auger cerambot ceramic clay extruder pottery

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Will this kit work with a Tevo Tornado? Also how much does it sell for?

Yes, you should be able to download or design an extruder holder for the Tevo Tornado. I backed the Indiegogo campaign, waited 11 months and got my Pro Extruder kit (no printer) for $150, but they are selling their delta printer (with the pro extruder) for $699 on their website. I haven't finished assembling mine to a delta printer yet, so I don't know if it works, but the parts look good. Printing taller items on printers with beds that don't move back and forth (unlike the Tevo Tornado) are better suited for clay printers. This is because since the clay is still soft shortly after extrusion and the top is prone to being whipped around by the moving bed.

Do you have a link to their website?