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Designs for New Campus

by flicknstock

Now that we are in the new Innovations campus it is time to print things to make it even better. Just wanted to start a conversation about some possible design ideas (or designs that will work within the space). That way if you have an idea, but don't want to design you can propose it and work with someone who loves to design.

Some initial Thoughts

  • White Board Locks - Wedge to prevent dry-erase board from closing or to remain open at a different height
  • Badge Hooks - we get these everywhere, but never a good place to post them
  • Name Plate Holders - mount to the wall or protruding from wall
  • Sticky note clip - keep knocking it off the desk
  • Sport Flag Holder - I've seen chiefs, royals, and sporting flags just draped, but could probably mount them better.
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Welcome to the Cerner MakerSpace Group

by anelson425

This is a group for all of us to share models with each other. Please share your cool projects with everyone else.

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