Welcome to the Chicago Makers group!

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Hey all Chicago-area makers. Lets use this group to organize 3D scan-a-thons, 3D printer meet-ups, and other Chicago area maker related activities.

Any great Chicago-area maker events coming up? Post them here!

Just joined group! Looking forward!

This group sounds like a great idea! I'd love to meet other printer people and see how we could help each other. Pump Station One sounds like a place to start. thanks for the lead Idabkey.

Chris...The group is a good idea. I've been 3d printing for about 2 years now and, of course, still learning. I also have a laser cutter and two CNC machines that I use in my making. I've gone to Pump station One http://pumpingstationone.org/ a few times and have enjoyed the interaction between makers. If you haven't gone there, you should give it a try.Here is a listing of their events: http://pumpingstationone.org/events/

I've only made it out to Pumping Station once for a CNC/3D printing meet up, but it was a great time! I've also heard good things about Workshop 88 in Glen Ellyn but haven't made it out there myself yet.