CL-260 conversion to Ultimaker 2+ Clone

by SirEdmar

I want to show you guys my latest project

I wanted to make my CL-260 as close to a UM2+. I will post updates within thing 2816929

CL-260 conversion to Ultimaker 2+ Clone
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Info request

by Bengelen


I have started my 3d printing journey about 1 year ago.
Bought a used Anet A8, learned a lot and had some much fun with it that i bought another i3 clone FLSUN i3.

The Anet A8 was upgraded to a AM8.

But i would like to get a printer that is a bit more stable, for instance a ultimaker but prices are so high :-0
I came across some china clones, but this one get's my attention:


The Cl-260 kit, what can be said about building it, the reliability? Print quality...

WHat can be said about it good and or bad, the seller ....

thx for the info

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switching from cura 15.04.3 to 3.2.1

by Skaterrestre

hi, guys how can I migrate the .uni files from cura 15.04.3 to the new version? i cannot make my printer give a good print :( only in the old cura

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by thunder_88

Hey there,

i want to build a CL-260 but with direct drive instead of X and Y motors driving belts. I have also a MK42 (Original from prusa research, which needs much power - max. arround 10-12amps).
I found an old MKS Base 1.1. Will it work for that printer? Does anyone have a proper firmware? If the MKS Base 1.1 is not a good idea, which controller would you choose?

Mks MKS_Base
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I’m trying to get Stepper motors calibrated

by gallen66

Without going into great detail here, I have a printer with the same pieces as the cl-260, but I’ve had difficulty pen-pointing my main problem and how to address it. If possible, could the administrator of this group give ideas of ways to tackle this. I’ve included a video of the problem, if it uploads.

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Resume From where it stops ?

by venkatkamesh

is there any firmware for Cl-260 that resume where it stop ?
Example i had power cut while printing and it starts from beginning

so wanted to know any firmware that had resume capability or it do need any upgrade ?
Thank you

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Trouble again..

by ms3dp

Hi. My cl260 max is not printing as it should.
It actually has a few different outcomes each time i press "print" from the same file on SD card (hollow calibration pyramide).

1: Printing starts, and continues for about 30 seconds. Then stops sometime during first layer. Display says "printing..."
2: Printing starts, and continues for 30 seconds. While printing, it makes straight and diagonal lines to the edge of the print bed. Then stops sometime during first layer. Display says "printing..."
3: Printing starts, and continues for about 10 seconds. Then it starts to move at a almost-zero-speed. Then stops sometime during first layer. Display says "printing..."

Did yours work out of the box? Getting rather frustrated here..


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if someone uses Repetier Firmware CL260?

by _leming_


if someone uses Repetier Firmware CL260?
or you can share a file Configuration.h for Repetier firmware?

thank you

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i'm going to use drv8825 but how to set vref?

by renoisenoir

well. i don't have electric tester. :(
how can i do?

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