I’m trying to get Stepper motors calibrated

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Without going into great detail here, I have a printer with the same pieces as the cl-260, but I’ve had difficulty pen-pointing my main problem and how to address it. If possible, could the administrator of this group give ideas of ways to tackle this. I’ve included a video of the problem, if it uploads.

If you could post more details about your issue I could attempt to give you suggestions. I can't really tell what your issue is from your post, also your video did not upload.

I’ve built a printer (similar in form to a Prusa i3 mk2) with 2 z-axis motors, an x and a y. One extruder. I have an MKS-Gen v1.4 controller with drv8825 drivers. On the y-axis I have a nema 17 model 17HS19-2004s1, with Imax of 2 amps. It works great. On the other axes and extruder, I have some other Nema 17s I purchased from China, model JK42hs40-1704-13a with an Imax of 1.7amps. These motors won’t run. I’ve adjusted the trim pots and measured them multiple times with a multimeter, but I still can’t get them to work. I did get one to work once (a few days ago) after initially adjusting the current, but the next day it wouldn’t budge and hasn’t since then. It’s awfully confusing since I don’t think I changed any settings the next day. I’ve been compiling the firmware on the Arduino IDE, with one of the better results directing me here to download files for the cl-260. After reviewing multiple machines, it also looks like my set up may also resemble the Anet A8. Anyway, it’s either a configuration issue or a voltage/current issue.

You should check your motor wiring, if the phases are not wired in the correct pairs your motor will not function correctly or at all. http://digital.ni.com/public.NSF/allkb/0AEE7B9AD4B3E04186256ACE005D833B

Okay, I’ll double check, but I think the pairing of the wires is okay, only because it actually worked correctly for about half a day.

If they still will not run, try using a driver that you know works. I have had drivers die. You can also check their output too.