What's happening in your 3D classroom?

by neobobkrause

There are discussions among S.T.E.M. educators elsewhere on the web, most notably in the K-12-FabLab Google group. The purpose of this Thingiverse group is to provide both educators and students with a sharper focus on 3D design and fabrication. This is an opportunity to bring together references to project ideas for use in classroom environments and to offer up best practices and operational support tools for running 3D-oriented curricula.

This group is a shared resource for the benefit of all. if you have a question to pose or comment to make, you should first search existing topics for answers or similar discussions before creating a new topic discussion. Postings to this "What's happening in your 3D classroom?" discussion should be limited to brief summaries of your activities and directions that others should be aware of.

Members are encouraged to add to this group Things they've designed that could be of benefit to others in classroom settings. Designers should include information about the benefits realized from their design and how their design could be integrated into classroom environments. This information may be included in the description of the Thing or via a separate topic discussion of this group.

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3D printing and Preschool

by craftymom1o19

I'm not a teacher, but I have one child in a grant funded pre-school and my youngest (hopefully) will start next year.
I'm was wondering is there is much I can print to help them out?

I have suggested to one teacher that I could print more parts for their marble set, but I am not sure what else would help.

This school does have special needs kids but I haven't talked to them yet. If I take suggestions to the teachers and the principal I think they will be more receptive.

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3D CAD Homeschool

by ekaran50

Homeschooling teaching 3D modeling for #Coronavirus #COVID-19


3D modeling 3d_printer 3D_printing
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Codeblocks in Tinkercad

by ron333

Codeblocks in Tinkercad are the start of a new era in 3D design. Learning to use Codeblocks to create designs for 3D printing is a lot easier than using standard Tinkercad. Codeblocks contain values of design parameters that can be easily changed. It also has a built-in simulator that allows you to visualize your design being created from your codeblocks.



Codeblocks Tinkercad_Tutorial
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cant get filment in any video on how to do this also anyone know were I can get parts

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Learning Tinkercad in classroom.

by Eunny

Hello! I am Eunny, maker and educator of 3D modeling and printing.
Look at and use the videos for your teaching :)
Tutorial videos to learn Tinkercad: https://goo.gl/lUWhrq
Making & 3D printing by Tinkercad: https://goo.gl/iWpt4x

3Dmodel classroom learning school tinkercad
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What 3D Printer do you use in your classroom?

by lbaca

Hi all, I teach 3D Design at Downers Grove North High School in Illinois and am looking at getting a new 3D printer. We current have a Stratasys Uprint printer that works pretty well, but are looking into getting a new one. Which 3D printers would you recommend using in your classroom? I would really appreciate some recommendations. Thanks.

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Need a 1 inch sch 40 pvc fitting made

by nokiasixteth

Does anyone know how to make a sch 40 pvc pipe fitting male and female ? How would you make this on tinkercad. I have tried but cant figure out the dimensions on the xyz printer seems always to big or to small every time.

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3D Printing in Schools and Risk Management, Safety, etc.

by jimustanguitar

Hi, all!
I'm preparing a 3D printing webinar for a group of university risk managers and insurance folks. Can anyone share what their institution is doing in regards to student safety, environmental hazards, safe material handling, signage, training, policies, product liability, etc? I'm trying to collect as much information as I can, and the two most common responses that I've gotten are "I hope nobody brings that up" and "we haven't really thought about it"... Any advice or experience that you can share with me would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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Any advanced users that can build good for fun

by nokiasixteth

I am trying to build a 3d planatrary gear that will fit a triangle novice level so i dont know how to operate much . Am trying to build a planatary gear that i has a 1 inch sun gear with a 18.75 mm triangle in the center that will fit inside of a 2 inch pvc pipe

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3d printing posters

by Photorjp

We are having an open day at our school, I would like to create a 3d printing area promoting 3d printing. Unfortunately we have not properly started using the printers in our classes this year, does anybody have any posters they could share promoting 3d printing please?

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