Any advanced users that can build good for fun

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I am trying to build a 3d planatrary gear that will fit a triangle novice level so i dont know how to operate much . Am trying to build a planatary gear that i has a 1 inch sun gear with a 18.75 mm triangle in the center that will fit inside of a 2 inch pvc pipe

Just joined today . Is there a way to upload things like that

just upload picture/photo as a normal jpeg

I have built a gear with the triangle . The sun gear . It was18.75mm for the size of the triangle centered inside of the sun gear . The other gears i cant find any program to work it out. I know obviously for it to fit inside of the 2 inch pvc pipe it would have to total 2 inches ..

A rough dimensioned sketch of your idea would help

Basically a sun gear with something that will fit a 18.75mm shaft. The Outter gear that planets fit in would be 2 inches around. The sun would be around 1 inch . So im guessing the planets be around half inch .

I attempted to draw it out but it hasnt came out the way i am tryin to

difficult to make something,when it seems you cannot describe what it is you want.. a simple sketch, or photo of an existing model would give some indication as to your concept.

I managed to sketch it yesterday . It just wanted me to put it in a different type file. I will try xyz print file to see if i can possibly get it to show . It wouldnt upload. But for description its just a planatary gearset . That fits inside of a 2 inch pvc pipe. Think i may have it figured out though. 2 inch outter ring gear. 1 inch sun gear and half inch planets . The triangle will just hold a shaft.

just save as jpeg (photo) it will upload from that.