Need a 1 inch sch 40 pvc fitting made

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Does anyone know how to make a sch 40 pvc pipe fitting male and female ? How would you make this on tinkercad. I have tried but cant figure out the dimensions on the xyz printer seems always to big or to small every time.

McMaster-Carr has a website that has CAD models for most of its products. If you find the right one, you can download the CAD file and import it into TinkerCad (I think, I use Fusion 360). I've found one that might work for you here: https://www.mcmaster.com/#4880k73/=19s4e27
If your sizes are correct in TinkerCad, you may have an issue with your printer not being calibrated, or the material shrinking. Below are a couple of links to general information regarding that.

I built a Newtons cradle out of 2" plumbing fittings. I got the models from McMaster. I too used Fusion. Perhaps that is the way to go.

Maybe this will help. All pvc female fittings have a .020 inch clearance and are tapered 20 degrees.