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cant get filment in any video on how to do this also anyone know were I can get parts

I bought a Benzomatic 2500 torch, heater and soldering iron multipurpose iron. See website. https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/c9/20/b1/cf/43/b47429982cf801a896f99982e4ef359e_preview_featured.jpg I found out just by luck, that if you take off the soldering iron tip the threads fit the .4mm nozzles on makerbot printers. I just screw it on and let it burn till it stops smoking and the everything is clean. I use a little lube on the threads to get them to go back on the extruder.

If you can remove the nozzle- soak it in acetone overnight. Rinse, dry and re-install.

thanks I have maker bot software I have been trying to print with pla on a pce can you look at the pce and tell me whats would be some good settings to try I cant seam to get supports to work but that also could be my setting because I have to clue what to set

I am not sure what pce is. But PLA needs to extrude at 210 degrees with the bed a 40-60 degrees. I have used MakerBot on a FlashForge clone. It works well. I always use quality filiment- I also have 2 Afinia printers and like their filament.

I’m been trying to print the attached photo for couple day not sure what the setting should be and the support setting should be weee it’s not to hard to remove the supports and mess with the out side and inside shape

Have you tried with no supports? It looks like you could also print it in 2 parts.

yes tried with no supports also tried with just 1 pce the 1/2 circle is were it start messing up an th top I have move the pce flipped

I would try to contact support from the manufacturer. Afinia gives me excellent advice.

For a quick fix, go to an acupuncture store and buy a needle. it's strong and thin enough to break up whatever is blocking your nozzle.