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Nema17 low torque

by hendrik6073

Hi, i build a CNC. It is made of 3030 and 2020 profiles. I have Nema 17 (5kg/cm) steppers, a ramps 1.4 board with 4899 drivers (all chinese / aliexpress). I have GBRL 0.9 loaded. I think my steppers are not functioning as they shoud. If they run i can easely make them stop running bij grabbing the rod. Voltage at the driver potmeter is about 0.7 volts. I crancked that up to about 1.3 volts, did not give the result i was hoping for (only the heatsink of the driver went realy hot). Is the fact that i can easely stop the stepper normal ? or can i adjust some parameters ? Now it is resulting in skipping the stepper,

thanks !

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3d printed cnc

by ioannou0

hello guys i need some help ! i made a video showcasing my cnc upgrades , but i have huge wabble issue , do you mind checking i t out and telling me what the issue is ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFymGD-SXI4

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500w spindle cnc upgrade

by ioannou0


spindle upgrade for our 3d printer which we converted to a cnc milling machine ! yo can find the part on my profile , video update for the cnc machine will be posted soon , as the neighbors complained about the cnc machine and we have no footage !

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completely printed cnc

by ioannou0

hello members , me and my bro recently made our own cnc i would be more than happy if you could check out our video and comment us about the improvements we could do as we are learning while building https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tilaPBBQ6U i want to share our design but the files are too many as we made 3 versions and i need to get them all together first !

3D_printing CNC_Machine diy
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CNC programs for mac os x?

by ah1102

It would be interesting to know who uses what programs for cnc on Apple computers running macOS? Surely there are such people.

I am the owner of a small CNC3018 Chinese machine. Here is a sample list of my programs:

easel (simple web 2d-cad)

candle (requires compilation from source)
grblControl (requires compilation from source)
Universal Gcode Sender


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