CAD Files

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Do you have the CAD Files for the Airbrush holder I would love to make some changes to suit the parts I have if you have them as a fusion 360 format that would be great. Thanks for the fab project looks very exciting. ! All the best Mike

This was made on a MakerGear M2, 0.25 layer height, using MakerGear silver PLA.

Hi MiseryBot,

I can print the parts no problem, and infact I have although i am missing one of the parts but i would like to change the parts to suit my airbrush and machine better so I need the CAD files so that I can edit and make new STL or OBJ files. Thanks Mike

I have a remixed version of this, I might share the CAD files with you but I would like to have dlb5's authorization.

Hi Coboydante that would be fab if you could and if Dlb5 would agree. Thank you so much :)

All the Best Mike