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Cause im poor and lazy, but at least its Folgers!

You sicken me with your instant Folgers :/ lol

But hey! Instant coffee is good for one thing at least: developing black and white film!
Coffee is just awesome!

Little did I know that when I ran out of D76 I could have used instant coffee.

Yeah its pretty simple. Just use this as a developer:
6 Teaspoons intant coffe
3 Teaspoons wahsing soda
0.25 Teaspoons vitamin-C powder

Solved in 350ml water (room temp 20°C) and developed between 17 and 19 minutes.

For more crazy stuff: http://www.caffenol.org

ok thats the first i ever heard that

:( i know i'm a sinner...

I have used instant coffee before to strengthen my already made coffee.

It’s an unforgivable offense >:(

I shan't tell you how I refer to instant - but it ain't flattering! ;)

LOL, im sure its not...


No real coffee = I'm drinking tea! XD