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Collection of amiga things

by ABrugsch

So as it's just me ATM, and I can only add my own things to the group, here's my collection of amiga things:

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Looking for case for joystick splitter?

by Diavlo

Not sure if call it correctly, but looking for a case to print to encase that thing http://store.ribit.se/egna-produkter/enjoy4.html
Any ideas where to look for it?

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RPi A500 Case WITH Logo?

by PiddlyD

I have printed out the A500 RPi case here:


But I saw someone had remixed the original to add the Amiga logo - and I was thinking of remixing both of these to make a RetroPi case with the logo. But now I can't find the version with the logo added back.

Anyone have any ideas where that model might be?

Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3A+/3B/3B+/4 Amiga 500 case
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Please add your amiga things

by ABrugsch

Thanks for joining the group. If you have Amiga related things, please add them. only thing owners can add their things to the group.


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Filament (or paint) color

by torradan

Hey, I just stumbled on this group looking for a door cover for my 1084.

Well, I found that.

My question is in the topic. Looking for any recommendations for filament or matching paint.. or something close enough. I mean, these things are 30+ years old and in various states of discoloration, so it won't be perfect, but it's a far sight better than the colors I have on hand - silver and dark blue. I'd probably get stuck in the doghouse if I started ordering a ton of white colored filament to test with. :)


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