Filament (or paint) color

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Hey, I just stumbled on this group looking for a door cover for my 1084.

Well, I found that.

My question is in the topic. Looking for any recommendations for filament or matching paint.. or something close enough. I mean, these things are 30+ years old and in various states of discoloration, so it won't be perfect, but it's a far sight better than the colors I have on hand - silver and dark blue. I'd probably get stuck in the doghouse if I started ordering a ton of white colored filament to test with. :)


The plastic on Amiga cases was ABS (I think) and the old/yellowed color is due to UV exposure, so you could try printing white ABS and then aging it under a UV lamp. Alternatively, you can bring an amiga back to new appearance with... acetone, I think it was. See Youtube.

I'd love an answer to this as well. I've printed a number of cases for retro-computer add-ons. For now I've been using either black or white, but I'd prefer to use a filament that matches the off-white of the Amigas or later Commodore 8-bits (I think this was the same color, as my Commodore 128, 1084S monitor, and Amiga 2000HD all seemed to color coordinate at the time.)