Amiga 3000 gotek sled

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I just created a new Amiga 3000 gotek sled

Amiga 3000 Gotek V2 USB disk drive emulator base
by ericgus

Are you planning to refine it a little more? I'd love to see you make the EJECT button to be more like that of the A3000, or, at least fill the space a little better. Once that's done, I'll be ready to order one printed out, for sure.

(repost from the thing's comment area in case you miss it)

I can look into the usb port adjustment for a revision 2 but I won't have the time to do it for a while. I am waiting for OLED screens (that fit in the 3 digit cut out) and I need to get an idea on how much space they will require. Thanks for the idea.. I will note it for when I do a revision.

The eject button was designed to allow some "wiggle" room for variances in printers. any bigger and it might cause problems for some folks and for whatever materials they are printing with (I used PLA but others might use ABS or PETG or something)